Gramarye is a series (planned as a trilogy) featuring the trials and tribulations of Yvonne Bennet, headmistress of Glencose Academy for Gramarye. It all started when she took on a new professor for Magical Theory. And if she is not careful, it might end with the destruction of our world – or possibly all the worlds.

So steel your nerves with a nice cup of Lady Grey, arm yourself with wand and staff (if you have them) and don’t forget to pack your peripatetic steamer trunk as you discover the magical world that is Gramarye.

The first book of the series, The Magical Theory Professor, is in Alpha testing and re-writing. If you are interested in becoming a Beta reader, feel free to contact Yvonne at: . Please tell us in the e-mail what would make you a good beta (familiarity with the genre, experience as beta reader or editor, grammar nazi…)

If by some miracle you are an agent or publisher interested in picking up the book, please contact me directly at: You will find a complete pitch package for the first book under “Pitch”.




The second book, The Saviour of Mankind, is being written parallel to editing The Magical Theory Professor.



The third book, The Two-Eyed Man, is a gossamer thing of a few chapters and a general outline.

And yet, here is an excerpt.


All titles are subject to change.