Sonia Focke is the author of Gramarye, a planned trilogy of books featuring headmistress Yvonne Bennet and her Magical Theory Professor, John Scott (oh, and the man who saved the world is in there somewhere, too.)

Born in New York City to a French dancer and an American opera singer, Sonia moved to Germany when she was 13 and has been living there ever since. At the age of six someone made the mistake of letting her read Astérix and Cleopatra, inevitably leading her to become an Egyptologist. And at some point, she took her nose out of books long enough to realize how much fun it was to immortalize her imaginary friends in prose.

A list of her achievements include marrying a blacksmith, showering with scorpions, prodding Viking buttock, building an Early Dynastic Egyptian horn bow, moving house in a VW Polo, translating the instruction booklet of an automatic warp-tying machine into French, learning the whole of the Mikado by heart, narrating an audio guide and finding the afikomen (every time). She has been mistaken for Amish but never for a bum. She likes tea and scones and interesting trivia. The Magical Theory Professor is her first finished manuscript.

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